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Our records can tell you a lot about the land your house is built on, and often something about the building itself.

While our most detailed records are about houses in and around the centre of Melbourne, you will generally be able to find clues and details about the previous owners and occupants of older houses built anywhere in Victoria.

View our online Historic Homes booklet to get an overview of where to start, and see below for specific record research.


What do I need to know before I start?

The property's address, the local government area in which the building is located, as well as the name of the ‘parish’ or ‘township’ the land is located on.  This information is available from online maps maintained by Land Victoria for current-day buildings.


View online or at the Reading Room?

Look for the icons below to identify if records are viewable online (mouse over globe) or need to be ordered online and then viewed at our Reading Rooms (open book):


Look for these icons to:

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