Pyramid Hill
March 1920
To the Closer Settlement Board
We the undersigned landowners and
others knowing that certain land in
the estate of Isabella Watson deceased
being allotments 38, 38c, 36, 39, 35 - 686 acres
in the parish of Mologa was offered to
your board at £4 per acre with the consent
of the State Rivers Water Supply Commissioners
to include it in the irrigation area if applied
for by returned soldiers and declined
by your board feel strongly that it
ought to have been bought and learning
further that the subsequent purchaser
John Ryan & Partners @ £4. 2. 6 per acre
are agreeable that Peter Owens a reputable
returned soldier and resident of Pyramid
may take it over under section 20 at
the sam price viz £4. 2. 6 per acre hereby
strongly urge your board to accept the said
offer as per agreements attached herewith.
We strongly affirm as men having local
knowledge of the said land that it is
worth considerably more money if given
Water Rights equal to the Tragowel Irrigation
Districts which it adjoins.
We humbly pray that you will give this
position your prompt and favourable consideration
in the interests of justice to the
said Peter Owens.
D McIntyre J.P. Farmer Pyramid Hill
K. Morrison, DD Pyramid