Pakenham 17/2/1919 To Chairman Qualification Committee Melbourne Sir I do not want it to be thought that I am trying to obtain a block of land in any illegal form I not having served over seas led me to think that probably I was not entitled to such. I, therefore wrote to the Chairman of the Closer settlement board about a month ago giving therein the whole facts of my case and asking if I was entitled to apply for a block I would therefore deem it a favour if your Committee would read that letter before deciding as the matter is a serious one to me as having sold stock implements etc. for next to nothing in order to go the Countrys cause & now having to work for wages & having a wife & 7 children to keep I find it very hard to provide for them but if given a suitable mixed farm could do well as the wife & I have been farming all our lives & are not frightened of the result with a little assistance again praying that you will favourably consider my case I am enclosing some references of which I have some more I now remain yours truly P. Cain