I William Thomas MORONEY In the State of Victoria, Returned Soldier, do solemnly and sincerely declare: -

That I am 60 years of age, married, and have 1 child over three and under fourteen years of age.
That I hold a Qualification Certificate for Small Mixed farming.
That I own No land; wife owns land.
That I have had 2 years' experience in Merbein district.
That I have seen the land I am applying for, and am satisfied that it will meet requirements.
That I know that I will have to reside on the Allotment for at least eight months in each year while it is held under lease, and that I will not be allowed to sell or sublet it until I have had it for six years.
That I understand that any period of freedom from payment of instalments which may be granted in regard to the land does not apply to the advances made for the purpose of buying stock and implements and effecting improvements, also that I must pay all Shire rates and water charges as they become due.
I have assets amounting to £75.
That I will require a 3 roomed house to be built for me.
That my present occupation is Unemployed.
that I have had 519 days on Active Service. A.N.M.E.H
That this is the second time I have made application for land.