The Hut
March 2nd 1924
To The Secretary
The Returned Sailors and Soldiers Imperial
League of Australia
A.M. David Esq
Dear Sir
In reference to your
letter dated Febry 19th to my son L. de W Roberts
on your report from the Commissioners.
May I please tell you some facts concerning
the case which they have omitted to do?
The advances that my husband and son
received were spent in compliance to the
wishes of the Commissioners agent Mr
Stirling and at all times with his consent.
It is true that my husband abandoned
his allotment (also me) and I, through
Mr Stirling applied for it and hoping
that it would be granted me paid two
years water rates on it but after taking
my money they send me a letter saying
they cannot grant me the block.
In the meantime I have put up at