460 Station Street Nth Carlton 25-1-20
Dear Mr Hughes I wrote you a short time ago concerning assistance which you promised to look into. Well Sir I am sorry to have to write again on a different matter which I think when you hear will receive your support.
About four months ago I submitted a block of land to Closer Settlement to be acquired for under through Section 20, this land is already a Closer Settlement holding of 150 acres with, 6 roomed house, Barn 40x60 7 bail Cow shed, 4 stall stable, Pig Sty, Calf Pen, Store shed, 1000 cubic feet Cemented tank, & numerous other things. Last month a crop of hay was taken off & stacked & is included in the purchase as well as two growing crops of Potatoes & Maize.
In 1911 the present holder took this place off his father through Closer Settlement for 835 pounds and since then he has put on the above improvements valued at 700 pounds as well as clearing 120 acres of it so as to be fit for the plough & I assure (sic) the cost of clearing must have been very considerable as that part of the country is very rich in timber