Mt Eccles 15.1.21

Hon. J. G. Mackay M.L.A.


Dear Sir

I have received notice that the National Valuer is to come on the 18th inst to inspect & value my property. As I cannot understand why they are sending a man I would feel obliged if you would see the settlement Board & find out how I stand. Six months ago, I signed all papers required & posted by Reg to the Crown Solicitor for to get them signed by the National Mutual, but to date I have not heard from the Board as to how matters stand. I thought that all things were right & I spent between 2 and 3 hundred pounds in improvement on the land, but I am in doubt as to how I stand, Kindly try and get all information from the board as I am very anxious, wondering why the Mutual are sending a valuer now & getting no word from the Board. I remain, yours truly J.H. McKean

This action of the National Mutual is likely to dishearten McKean, unless the intentions of the N.M. are made clear. Will Cr Butler ring up the Society, & advise me & farmer. J. G. Mackey

L.W. Inform Sir John Mackey that the N.M. Coy declines to complete the transfer on the terms arranged with the Board and the Minister has appointed a Board ? to enquire into all the circumstances connected with the transaction. 21/1/21