The Superintendent,
Vermin & Noxious Weeds Branch.

re Allotment 2, Section 4, Parish of Berwick
containing 21s.2r.9p as indicated in pencil
hatching on the plan hereunder.
This area was allotted to James Austin in the year 1936 under sick soldier conditions (Section 33, Closer Settlement Act 1938). He died in the year 1950 and his widow - Alice M.M. Austin - carried on until her death on the 15th August last.

The above occupancy is terminated by the death of the ex-lesse's widow and the area has come back to the Department for disposal. Pending a decision, a temporary occupancy on a weekly basis and at a weekly rental of £2 has been granted to a son of the deceased - James M. Austin - who has been living in the hose on the area with his late mother and who is one of the executors of her Will.

I request that an inspection of the property by a senior officer be arranged and would suggest that the services of the local inspector be co-opted.

A valuation of the land is required together with a detailed valuation of the improvements (a) the property of the Crown (b) the property of the late Mrs. Austin,

I refer you to the valuation of 18/6/59 made by the local inspector and the list of the improvements claimed by the Estate as set out in Mr. Austin's letter of 27/8/60.