Fish Creek

Mr McIvor

Dear Sir

In ref to Mr P. Smiths Farm at Fish Ck which he left some time ago, I have been given to understand that I can be transferred this block with your approval, as it is a much better block than the one I am now on, & I feel quiet confident that on the above mentioned block I could meet all my obligations to the Board, owing to the land being in a productive condition.

I would like to know as soon as possible, if I can be transferred for as soon as my potatoes are out I want to sow oats for green feed.

On Smiths block 25 cows can be milked at a profit by growing hand feed. On my own block I can only milk 10 & have to hand feed all the year. I will also have enough seed potatoes to sow 20 acres over which the Board can hold a full ?, as this block is more suitable for growing potatoes, peas, ?, than my own.

With a straight ahead go such as there is on Smiths block I feel sure of success & able to meet all my liabilities.

Trusting you will consider this matter & let me know at your earliest convenience.

I Am Yours Faithfully
H.G. Handley